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Do you want to offer a refugee the possibility to work? Do you have a vacancy in your organization for a well-educated and motivated online marketer at NIMA-A level? A place where our NIMA students can get work experience?

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You probably know a Ukrainian refugee who wants to offer a working place within your organization but needs to have the proper education?

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What can you expect?

Despite the different circumstances, the principles of our NIMA education are still valid. Our principles are:


-Practical education. Our programs have a strong focus on implementing the knowledge we offer in our programs. That is why NIMA-A online marketing has both theoretical and practical exams.

-Practical trainers. All the trainers involved in our programs are all marketers with relevant work experience in their teaching topics.

-Separation between education and examination. Nobody involved in the educational process will be involved in the examination of the students. Examiners do not know their exam candidates.

-Native language. Our lectures will take place in the Ukrainian language to optimize the learning process. Still, we expect that our students have basic knowledge of English.

-International accreditation and EU recognition. The NIMA-A online marketer diploma and the NIMA-B diplomas are accredited based on the European Qualification Framework by EQF-NLQF.

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